Iron County and the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to develop the Three Peaks Recreation Area west of Cedar City. The rolling hills and volcanic rock formations at Three Peaks provide a fantastic location for picnicking, camping, bike riding and off- road vehicle use.

Three Peaks features several picnic areas with tables, fire rings and restroom facilities. There’s also a large parking area with a gated entrance for large groups and events. Two covered pavilions are available for group gatherings. These pavilions need to be reserved in advance, click here for the guidelines and reservation form (pdf format).

Must See & Do

Mountain Biking:  

A 19 mile mountain bike trial system runs through the complex and is often used for mountain bike races.  The trailhead is located just as you come into the Three Peaks Complex near the County recreation area.  There are restrooms and water located at the trailhead.

Three Peaks

Distance is 7 miles. This an advanced ride with up-and-down riding equal to about 1,000 feet of climbing. There are some technical stunts as Double-take Drop, and some very interesting granite slick rock on the south side. The granite is worth mentioning: this fine-grained pink granite presents a riding surface you won’t find elsewhere in Utah. The traction is good enabling riders to make moves on the granite that can’t be done on sandstone.

Big Hole

Distance is 4 miles. The Big Hole Loop is an upper-intermediate ride with about 500 feet of climbing. The route follows single-track below a rock-quarry area on the far side of the mountain. A slight shorter and easier upper route (used for racing) follows double track above the quarry.

Race Course

Distance is 4.5 miles. The race course trail has the best of everything for a mountain bike enthusiast. There are hill climbs, technical areas, sandy terrain and steep downhill portions on this trail, which is almost exclusively single-track. This is an intermediate trail with technical portions, but beginners can manage nicely if they walk a couple of very short rocky side-tilted areas on the trail.

Lost World

Distance is 1.5 miles. This trail consists mainly of wider track riding and has very few technical areas. It is the only one of the five trails that is not a loop trail, but by connecting with the practice loop or the race course loop can be turned into a longer loop trail.

Practice Loop

Distance is 2 miles. This is a beginner trail that given the novice mountain bike rider a chance to practice all the necessary skills before heading out on longer more technical trails. There are instructional signs along the trail to assist the rider in improving their skill set. Uphill, downhill and sand riding will all be experienced on this trail.

OHV  & ATV Riding:

Approximately 42 miles of OHV routes throughout the Three Peaks complex used throughout the year. Hill climbs, flat terrain, and loops provide diversity for the OHV enthusiast. The routes are most historic two-track roads and use is restricted to existing trail and roads.There is a large OHV trailhead and staging area west of the Iron County Recreation Area that has plenty of parking for vehicles, water and a restroom facility.

*Remember that ATV’s are not allowed in the county recreation area other than on the main road.

Rock Crawling:

The popularity of rock crawling at Three Peaks derives from it unique rock formations within this portion of the complex. Approximately five acres of slick rock are available for this activity.

Shooting Range:

Located at the far western edge is a dedicated target shooting area that features a long and short range. There is also a cowboy action shooting range for organized events. The range has trash cans and a restroom. Shooting is not allowed in any other area of the Three Peaks Complex.

Equestrian Use:

The Three Peaks area is attractive to equestrians for a variety of reasons, most notably the variable terrain and the soil type. For horse training purposes, equestrians are able to ride on flat terrain, gentle up and down slopes, as well as to make steep hill climbs. The sandy, soft soils offer good drainage, which makes Three Peaks a desirable destination for this activity your round, with the most popular season being winter, spring and fall. There are many miles of paths and open area for equestrian use. There are corrals, water, restrooms, covered picnic table and large parking lot in the equestrian staging area which is located just off the main road near the Welcome Information Kiosk. *Please remember that equestrian use is not allowed on any of the mountain biking trails.

Radio Control Flying Field:

The flying field adheres to the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) standards. The field is located in the northern section of the Three Peaks complex, take the road to the east of the Welcome Information Kiosk. The aviation field features as large parking area, a 500’ x 60’ runway and restroom facilities.